Marymount Academy

Welcome Message

A very warm welcome to our new and returning Regals! I am so excited to greet and share the 2024-25 school year with each and every one of you. We are so pleased to have all of our students back at school making the very best of their educational opportunities here at Marymount Academy. You can count on our entire staff, to be there for you to help provide you with an enjoyable, memorable and productive school year. I feel hopeful about all the new possibilities and challenges a new school year brings. The teachers and administrators at Marymount Academy will provide you with a multitude of academic and extracurricular opportunities and activities to enrich your learning experience.

Your teachers are passionate educators, who are also coaches, tutors, mentors and co-learners whose primary goal is to help you to develop your talents and abilities as far as you are willing to take them. The ultimate decision about how successful you will be in school is in your hands.

Marymount Academy is an outstanding school and you will learn in an environment embedded in Christian values. It is an institution steeped in tradition and spirit. You are strongly encouraged to get involved in your school. Join a club or a council. Participate in our athletic program. Get involved and make your school year the most memorable one yet!

If you have questions or concerns during the school year please do not hesitate to contact your teacher, guidance counselor, vice principal or myself. I look forward to working with you this year.

Cassandra Tenbergen

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