Marymount Academy


Marymount Academy has a variety of programs and clubs geared toward getting students interested in the arts!

Through the arts, you will learn to think imaginatively, identify and solve problems, empathize with others, think critically, communicate effectively and appreciate the skills and accomplishments of others. Courses in the arts provide the tools for understanding, expressing, representing, creating and communicating with others and provide learning experiences that engage your heart, mind and body.


Join the longstanding tradition of our award-winning music program! Marymount Academy has a long history of award-winning bands at the local, Provincial, and National levels. The music program allows students to study an instrument during class time for credit and participate in many of our after-school groups including our Junior Concert Band (Grades 7-10), Senior Concert Band, Stage Band, Vocal Clubs, and String Orchestra.


Marymount also boasts a vibrant Drama program which is famous for its annual musical production. Whether you are a dancer, singer, actress, set designer, or sound and lighting technician, you are encouraged to share your passion for our annual production.

Marymount Academy also hosts a thriving film festival in which filmmakers from grades 7 to 12 explore their creative abilities to produce films that are later celebrated within the school community. Many of our alumnae have found careers working in the film industry and current students have an excellent reputation in the Skills Ontario Competition.

Visual Art

Our Visual Art department has a longstanding reputation for producing budding artists. The program allows students to study and produce art through a variety of mediums. The Arts program also features photography courses and design courses to support students in their future career aspirations.

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