Marymount Academy

Our School History

Established by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1956, Marymount College presented Sudburians with the opportunity to send their daughters to an all-girls Catholic school.

Marymount provides an education ideally suited to the ways girls learn and the way they develop. Every girls deserves the opportunity to realize her full potential, to explore her talents and discover new ones, in a setting where she is valued for who she is and what she brings to the experience. Marymount Academy is built around giving girls that opportunity.

Our school community provides a setting dedicated to the Christian ideals which will help each student to develop a strong self-concept and the skills needed to deal with the challenges ahead. Marymount Academy embraces the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations and teachers infuse these core Christian values into their curriculum daily.

Photo Citation:

Marymount College Graduation Exercises
June 25, 1961
Bob Keir Fonds
City of Greater Sudbury Archives

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