Marymount Academy

Student Council

Message from Student Council President

The Student Administrative Council, or SAC for short, is one of the three main councils at Marymount Academy. By planning exciting social events, fundraisers and activities, our mission is to give every regal a chance to have fun, and meet new people around the school. The SAC is a way of giving all students a voice. Our council promotes student involvement, leadership, and stewardship in the school, and in the community. So others can see what the true meaning of being a regal is!

The council always has an amazing time planning events throughout the year like Octoberfest, twelve days of Christmas, and talent shows. But not only that, we hold fundraisers to bring great things to Marymount, that promote student involvement, and excitement! The more you put into Marymount, the more it gives back!

Marymount is all about being yourself, and having an amazing time doing it! So don’t be shy to have some fun, let your spirit shine! Questions about this year’s events or how to get involved can be answered by this year’s president Marly Kero, or vice-president Piper Lehtimaki Croiser. From the entire council have a great year!

Marley Kero

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