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Message from Student Council President

One of our three primary councils at Marymount is the Student Administrative Council (or alternatively shortened to the SAC). We have several responsibilities, but our main one is planning fun events for the student body to participate in, and keeping up with annual Marymount traditions. Some of these events include our appropriately named Oktoberfest in October, the 12 days of Christmas in December, and school dances, like the semi formal and prom, to name a few. 

To make these events possible, we fundraise money in fun and creative ways! For example, we sold hot chocolate around Christmastime and sold candy grams for Valentine’s day. However, and this goes for everything we do for the SAC, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions! The most important thing about all our events is that the entire student body is able to have fun, so we would love to know all about your experience in order to know what works and what doesn’t! You’re always welcome to reach out to your SAC homeroom representative, our vice president Catena Hayden, or even yours truly, Ava Levecque about any questions or feedback you may have.

I’m truly looking forward to spending my last year at Marymount in such a leadership position, where I get to promote the SAC and everything it stands for. I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful year filled with memories and good old fashioned reagles fun!

  • Ava Levecque, SAC president 2022/2023
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