Marymount Academy

Faith Initiatives

Faith Celebrations and Mass

At Marymount Academy, our Catholic faith is central to everything that we do. We begin our year and every day in prayer. We gather together regularly as a community, in partnership with Christ the King parish, for liturgical celebrations at Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, during Lent, Easter, as well as the opening and closing of our school year. Each month, we focus on one virtue/value and Catholic Graduate Expectation or Liturgical Season to help ground us in our Catholic teachings and to build community. We offer grade-level retreats to help develop and deepen students’ faith lives by addressing topics of interest to each age.

Our school is deeply committed to following the model of Jesus by caring for the least amongst us through our justice and charity work, both locally, nationally and globally.

Marymount Catholic Charities Council

MC3 is the Marymount Catholic Charities Council. This is a student run council, one of 3 we have at Marymount. We have 16 students on our council and they range from grade 7 to grade 12. We plan activities throughout the year in order to raise awareness and funds for different charities and causes throughout our city and even around the world.

Examples of some of our activities are: Teddy Bear Campaign (buy teddy bears to give to Genevra House), Heart and Stroke Campaign ( raise money and awareness to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Sudbury), Canned Food drive (collect non-perishable foods for the Soup Kitchens of Sudbury), Salvation Army families campaign ( collect food and Christmas gifts for families in need), buy and distribute Christmas gifts and necessities for the pregnancy care center and Action Aids. The MC3 Council often goes to spend time as volunteers and to sing Christmas Carols at Retirement Homes throughout Sudbury. As a need arises or we are asked for our help we plan a campaign to help.

Sisters in Spirit

Sisters in Spirit (S.I.S.) is a mentorship program designed to give our junior students from grades 7 to 9 a smooth and comfortable transition into the Academy. Each new junior student is assigned a senior student to act as her own “Big Sister” within the school. Throughout the school year, the Sisters meet each other for lunch, participate in Spirit Week activities, and so much more. They also make ‘mailboxes’ that they use to send each other notes and stay in touch. If the junior student has any questions or concerns about the sports, clubs, events, or the school, she can go to her Big Sister for answers. At the beginning of the year in particular, special meeting times are set aside for gatherings to help foster the relationship between Big Sisters and Little Sisters.

The Sisters in Spirit program is unique to Marymount Academy. Little and Big Sisters often form friendships that last well beyond their years at Marymount.

Our Parish

Christ the King Parish
21 Ste Anne Rd
Sudbury, ON
P3C 5P6

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