Marymount Academy
May 07, 2020

Sudbury Catholic Students Spread Kindness to Seniors this Mother’s Day

Written letter

Students at Sudbury Catholic Schools participated in a
challenge that was posted by Goshenite Seniors Services to create 500 Mother’s
Day cards for seniors in the Sudbury area.

Not being in a physical classroom didn’t stop Mrs. Cimino
and her Grade 1 students at St. David School from coming together to help Goshenite
Seniors Services.

“It is especially important during these difficult times to
provide students with authentic opportunities for them to act as caring and
responsible citizens,” said Mrs. Cimino.

Milena Raso, a grade 11 student at Marymount Academy is
currently enrolled in the Specialized High Skills Major for Non-Profit
Industry. She too jumped at the opportunity to bring positivity to members of
our community.

“I am very blessed to have my grandmother living with me and
listening to her stories about not having technology and other modern-day
conveniences. It shows me how life has changed. Hearing it first-hand, rather
than from reading it in a textbook makes it much more real to me. I think it’s
important for youth to be more active in caring for our elders and realize that
we have a lot to learn from them,” she explained.

Cards will be sent directly to Goshenite Seniors Services who will distribute
them over the weekend.

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