Marymount Academy
April 21, 2015

Spelling Like a Champ

Marymount Academy student Julia Burns is a spelling bee champ. The grade 8 student recently won the regional spelling bee for the Regional completion for the intermediate division which was held at Tom Davies Square on April 12, 2015. On May 3, Burns will be traveling to Toronto to take part in the provincial spelling bee sponsored by the Spelling Bee of Canada. Burns has always enjoyed spelling and has taken part in previous competitions, but had never come out on top. Encouraged by her teacher Debra Michaud, the Marymount Academy student decided to give it a go and studied the 2015 Study List to prepare for the competition. When asked about the upcoming event, Burns was quick to say she was very nervous but excited to take part. “We are extremely proud of Julia and her efforts,” Lucie Cullen, Marymount Academy principal stated. “She is a delightful girl and we know she will represent Marymount strong in the next stage of the competition, like a true Regal!”

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