Marymount Academy
October 07, 2014

Regals Learning How to Play With Fire

Students at Marymount Academy were given the opportunity of a lifetime on Friday, October 3, 2014. Dan Bartolucci, teacher and program leader for the school was contacted by Captain Blake Desjardins from the Greater Sudbury Firefighter Services to see if there was any interest in the students to take part in female firefighter training. Seeing it as a perfect fit for the students, Bartolucci readily agreed- and 12 students were selected to take part in the day’s events. Students met with Bartolucci, as well as the school’s vice principal, Lori Holden at the Emergency Services training facilities located at the Lionel E. Lalonde Centre in Azilda early Friday morning, and spent the entire day going through different firefighting scenarios including forcible entry, live fire simulator, reduced profile and tight spaces, etc. The group spent an exhausting day working through all of the different training sessions and getting a first hand glimpse of real fire fighting work. “When I say exhausting, that is an understatement,” Bartolucci explained. “This day was a real glimpse into the life of a fire-fighter on the job. It was an outstanding opportunity for these students and has absolutely inspired some of the girls to pursue their dreams in this field. Wearing 100 lbs of gear and walking into smoke and fire – absolutely incredible! At Marymount, we always try to give our students a variety of opportunities to ensure we are supporting their long term goals and successes!”

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