Marymount Academy
June 24, 2016

Marymount Family Tree

In 2015, Miss Simpson’s Church and Culture class established the Marymount family tree. “Rooted in Faith” was designed with all Regals in mind. Intertwined with the roots of the tree are the signatures of the Sisters of St. Joseph, the nuns who founded Marymount Academy 60 years ago in 1956. The hands of the MMA staff, our school board, and the trustees represent the grass supporting the tree. The handprints of Marymount students are the leaves of the tree, and they surround a beautiful owl painted by our visual arts teacher, Mrs. Fairgrieve. While the owl represents wisdom and education, to many of us it also represents Kodee Daoust who was a student in the religion class until the end of October when she passed away in a car accident.

The family tree is a living legacy for all Regals. Every year, just like all of us, the mural will change and grow as new students and staff add their handprints to the tree. “Rooted in Faith” reminds us that we will always be part of the Marymount family.

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