Marymount Academy
April 27, 2012

Marymount Academy Student Wins Mining Week Poster Contest

Five grade 5-8 classes in the city had the opportunity to win a Discovery Mining tour April 30-May 4 through a poster contest for this year’s Sudbury Mining Week – and one of them was won by Hanna Knutson. Hanna, a grade 8 student at Marymount Academy was thrilled that she was one of the five contest winners. Her teacher, Debra Michaud, suggested to the class that they enter the contest, so Hanna figured she had nothing to lose by submitting an entry. “I love to draw,” Hanna quipped. “I gave it my all and am so glad my hard work paid off!” As a result of the win, Hanna’s classmates get to join her on a trip to Dynamic Earth on Monday, April 30th, as her prize. “It was so amazing to find out that I won,” Knutson stated. “And the fact that my whole class gets to enjoy the trip to Dynamic Earth with me makes it even better!” The theme of this year’s Mining Week is “Mining and Technology for the next generation.”

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