Marymount Academy
November 12, 2013

Exploring Careers and Beyond At Marymount Academy

Marymount Academy students had the opportunity on Friday, November 8 to look into their futures. Over 22 different presentations were set up for the students – all by women in successful careers willing to share their stories. Brenda Thompson, head of guidance for the school set up this career day to showcase a variety of careers to inspire the students. The students could sign up for four of the 22 different presentations including a firefighter, a physiotherapist and a carpenter. What was really great for the students was that several of the presenters were also graduates of Marymount Academy and they shared their journeys from their Marymount days down the path to their present careers.
“With a school made up of all female students, we know it is important to inspire the girls and help them recognize their unlimited potential,” explained Thompson. “Our students do very well academically, and we know that it is key to showcase a multitude of career options for them to help them achieve their own successes.”

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