Marymount Academy
January 22, 2021

Empowering Young Women

Showcasing the Importance of an All-Girls Education!

Principal Tenbergen Shares a Message of Hope

January 21, 2021

You are living through an exciting time in history. Yes, we have the pandemic, but yesterday the first woman Vice President in the United States was sworn in. As a student of Marymount Academy, we need to be celebrating this accomplishment. As a former Marymount student myself, I am grateful for the education and support I received while at the school. I believe what has made me who I am and has helped me accomplish what I have in my life is attributed to what I learnt here at Marymount.

I feel that Marymount empowered me to achieve my goals and helped me become the leader and mother that I am today. Looking back on my experience, I feel that I was offered opportunities here that I would not have received at any other school. It is the traditions and beliefs we have in regards to helping students achieve their goals, step out of their comfort zone and try something new (it is in trying something new where we grow) and providing opportunities to do outreach into the community that has shaped me. Your teachers here have the same belief about you. The same belief that Kamala’s mom had about her. Kamala has said “I was raised by a mother who said to me all the time, ‘Kamala, you may be the first to do many things – make sure you’re not the last’”. I want to take this opportunity to say the same to you. Set those goals and never give up. There will always be obstacles, but it is how you handle these obstacles and overcome them that will help you grow and become stronger. Today I encourage each of you to really think of how Marymount Academy has shaped you into the strong young women you are.

How Girls Learn

February 19, 2021

At Marymount Academy, our teachers know how girls learn. Research shows that girls learn differently than boys. Since 1956, the teachers at Marymount Academy have been putting these strategies into practice and helping girls become comfortable and confident being their true self. An all-girls environment means that our students can take risks in their thoughts and ideas. They are not afraid to speak their ideas because each classroom has established a supportive environment.

Establishing a girl-centric educational setting means that a collaborative and encouraging community has been created in the school as well as each classroom. We have girls at the center of what we do. From curricular decisions to our athletics and community involvement. The interests of the girls always comes first. We help our students find their voice and passions and to action it. Our teachers encourage risk-taking while providing individual support to each student.

Ultimately, our goal is to give girls confidence, skills and values that they can use wherever they go when they graduate from our school. Our graduates go on to be strong, independent, confident women in the workplace and within the community. There are many women leaders within the Sudbury community who will attest to how Marymount helped develop their confidence, which supported them in their achievements and reaching their potential and dreams.

March 8, 2021

Today is international Women’s Day.  A day to not only celebrate the achievements of women, but to raise awareness about women’s equality.   International Women’s Day was adopted by the United Nations in 1975 and is now celebrated around the world.  However, this day dates back to 1911 where women gathered in just four countries to bring awareness to the inequalities of women and started a call to action. 

At Marymount, we have a tradition of having girls take center stage.  We create an environment where they can express themselves freely and frequently and develop a passion in an area that interests them.  It is an environment where young girls are not afraid to share their thoughts and positions on a topic.  They are offered leadership opportunities and we empower the girls to be leaders in the school and greater community.  They work as a team and develop their confidence, compassion and resilience. 

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “Choose to Challenge”.  Change comes from challenge.  The theme encourages us to continue to challenge inequality, stereotypes and biases so that we can help make a more inclusive world.  “Plan International Canada has released new data showing little progress has been made towards achieving gender equality with 70% of women surveyed saying they have experienced some form of inequality in their lifetime, either due to discrimination or gen gender stereotypes” (https://plancanada/ca/iwd). Today is a day that gives us the opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made achieving gender equality; but we still have more work to do. 

COVID-19 has identified gaps in our society as well and has affected those who are already marginalized and struggling.  From layoff, lack of childcare and an increase in the rates of domestic violence, COVID 19 has shown how women, in particular, have been deeply impacted by this pandemic.  We must continue to celebrate women and girls and renew the discussion of gender equity post COVID 19.  Today I encourage all girls to reflect on and honour powerful women in their life and who inspires them, as they become our strong, future leaders of tomorrow.

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