Marymount Academy

7/8 Faith Development

We provide many opportunities for Grade 7 and 8 students to live out their faith and develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and traditions. In Grade 7 students explore the question ‘What is our story?’ and in Grade 8 ‘How are we church in the world?’

Christ centred character formation in our schools is supported and witnessed through:

Religious Education Program

The Religious Education programs are based on the Catholic Elementary Curriculum Policy Document for Religious Education, Grades 1-8 (2012) which has been approved by the Ontario Catholic Bishops and Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ, published by Pearson’s.

Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ helps our students grow as believers in God and as faithful members of our Catholic community by inviting students to experience the mystery of their Catholic faith through prayer and participation in the Liturgy. As students move through the catechetical program, they gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of their Catholic faith according to the year’s focus. Learn more!

Family Life Education

Catholic Family Life education is closely linked to religious education and represents 20 per cent of the religious education program and is taught once a week.

Masses & Prayer Services

Our school community gathers for Mass and prayer services throughout the year with local pastors to celebrate Eucharist, Advent, Lent, Easter, and other church events.

Morning Prayer

Every school day begins with prayer led by the school’s Faith Animator.

Social Justice & Community Service 

Every year the Marymount Catholic Charities Council, a student-run group at Marymount School organizes activities to support various charities and causes in their city and even globally.

Some of their activities include:

  • Teddy Bear Campaign: They buy teddy bears to give to Genevra House.
  • Heart and Stroke Campaign: Raising money and awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Sudbury.
  • Canned Food Drive: Collecting non-perishable foods for the Soup Kitchens of Sudbury.
  • Salvation Army Families Campaign: Collecting food and Christmas gifts for families in need.
  • Pregnancy Care Center and Action Aids Support: Buying and distributing Christmas gifts and necessities for these organizations.
  • And More!

Please Note: Students engage in charitable actions for a variety of causes and these actions can change year to year. The above list is a summary of the initiatives and campaigns that take place on an annual basis. 

School Chapel/Faith Animator

All students have access to the school chapel as a space where they can go to pray, meditate, and connect with their faith. Students also receive the support of the school’s Faith Animator who acts as a spiritual advisor and is responsible for supporting the spiritual, social, and emotional well-being of the student community. 

To learn more about faith development, please view our faith initiatives page

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