Marymount Academy

School Calendar

Jan1Happy New Year 2024!
Jan 8Welcome back
Jan 10Dress Down Day
Jan 11Gr. 8 Day Arts/Tech/Phy ed
Jan 12Regal Wear Day
Volleyball Tournament Elliiot Lake
Jan 16OPEN HOUSE 6 p.m.
Magic Paws at lunch
Jan 17EQAO math practice
Jan 18SPARC pr. 3
Jan 19Regal Wear Day
Basketball Tournament
Jan 20Basketball Tournament
Jan 24EQAO all day
Dress Down Day, R.I.S.E. 6 p.m.
School Council Meeting 6 p.m.
Jan 25EQAO morning
Secondary pr. 1 exam in the afternoon
Jan 26Secondary pr. 2 exam in the afternoon
Jan 29Secondary pr. 3 exam in the afternoon
Jan 30Secondary pr. 4 exam in the afternoon
R.I.S.E. 6 p.m.
Gr. 6 Shadow Day
Feb 1Gr. 6 Shadow Day
Feb 2P.A. Day

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