Marymount Academy

School Calendar

May 2Education Week-REDISCOVER, Toonies for Tuition
May 3Education Week-REBUILD, Elementary Science North
SHSM CPR/First Aid Training
May 4 Education Week-RESTORE, Dress Down Day
May 5Education Week-RENEW, Cinco de Mayo
May 6 Education Week-REJOICE, Regal Wear Day
May 8Mother’s Day
May 10Tennis Prelims.
May 11SHSM First Aid/CPR Certification, Mobile Research Lab
May 12Tennis City finals
May 13Regal Wear Day
May 15International Day of Families
May 17Gr. 8 Lake Laurentian Conservation
May 18Dress Down Day, Secondary Track & Field
Rookie Regal Night
May 19 Secondary Track & Field
May 20Gr. 7 & 8 Track & Field, Regal Wear Day
May 23Victoria Day, no school
May 25iSPARC 2:30-4 p.m.
May 26Gr. 7 Lake Laurentian Conservation
May 27Regal Wear Day
May 30OFSAA Tennis
May 31OFSAA Tennis

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