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Sisters in Spirit
Sisters in Spirit (S.I.S.) is a mentorship program in which all new students are matched up with an older student who acts as a mentor, or Big Sister, all year long.

Student Administrative Council (SAC)
We make it our personal goal to ensure that every Regal has the most enriching educational experience possible.

Ontario Students Against Drunk Driving (OSAID)
OSAID boasts hard working and dedicated students who work to lower the rate of impaired driving not only at Marymount Academy, but throughout the entire Sudbury community as a whole.

MC3  Marymount Catholic Charities Council 
Throughout the year the council puts on different campaigns to raise awareness and money for several charity organizations in Sudbury and around the world.

Music & Band
Join one of Marymount Academy's award winning bands.

Vimeo Channel
See Marymount videos on our Vimeo Channel.

Wireless Access
Marymount Academy students have access to wireless internet. Students are encouraged to bring their own devices to school.



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